Satin wedding dress
Satin wedding dress at all times was considered the most solemn and elegant option for the festive ceremony. The atlas itself looks elegant, so it almost does not require additional…

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Greek style wedding dresses
A wedding is a unique and amazing event in the life of a couple, the bride wants to feel like the queen of the holiday, the ancient goddess descending from…

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Black wedding dress: why not?
A lace top and a multi-tiered hem made of tulle, silk and velvet, flower embroidery, a strict top in a men's style and a skirt on the floor - how…

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How to store a wedding dress after a wedding – current recommendations

The wedding has passed, but do not want to part with your dress? Are you going to leave it for children or just as a keepsake? Then it’s worth knowing how to keep this outfit so as not to spoil it over time. Our recommendations will help to do this, with their help it will be possible to relax and after decades to enjoy its amazing purity and freshness.

How to store a wedding dress?

15-svadbenoye-platye-podarok First you need to buy a box for storing it with dimensions of at least 90×60 cm and a depth of 25 cm. It is best if it is made of a material that allows air to pass through. The following should be strictly avoided:

• plastic;
• wood;
• metal;
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Recommendations of fashion designers on choosing wedding dresses for brides

Choosing the perfect wedding dress that takes into account the peculiarities of the figure, growth and all the fashion trends of the season can take a huge amount of time and nerves from future newlyweds. In order not to get lost in new products from leading fashion designers and give yourself an unforgettable holiday, you need to adhere to the advice of professionals. Stylists of the Moscow salon “Mary Truffle” prepared the top 5 silhouettes in which the bride will look like a real goddess.

A “straight silhouette” for any style of wedding
Straight wedding dresses do not fit the bride’s figure very tightly, so they suit girls with slightly curvaceous shapes. Such a cut allows you to visually increase growth and hide leg imperfections. Continue reading

How to choose a wedding evening dress

Each of us in our lives there are times when you need an evening dress, whether it is graduation, the anniversary of parents, the wedding of friends or just a date. Many people think that buying an evening dress in Moscow is inexpensively impossible, because it is the capital and the prices there are sky-high. However, it is not. In this article we will try to tell you how and where to look for an evening dress, how to find the right one for you and at the same time not leave your wallet empty!

First of all, it is worth trying online shopping. For example, in the Quelle catalog regularly organize promotions and competitions in which you can participate, receiving discounts and bonuses for this. Pay attention to special offers on other sites.

The choice of evening dress is often so painful that any desire to even go to an event disappears. After all, I want to buy something that will suit you, that will not be too usual, that people will like, but at the same time it will not seem modest or overly fanciful! Do not worry, you are not the first to get into this situation. Continue reading

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