Casual Wedding Dresses

How to choose a wedding suit?
The groom's wedding suit is an integral part of the image of a man. The couple will look really harmonious if the costume goes well with the outfit of the…

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What is a wedding without a bouquet and veil for the bride?
What is a wedding without a bouquet and veil for the bride? That's right - unconventional! And a marriage that respects the traditions and rituals of their ancestors, which has…

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Wedding dresses for full
From year to year, wedding collections are updated, evolve, become more numerous and richer in all kinds of trends that are suitable not only for slim, but also for brides…

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Styles of Wedding Dresses

A wedding is an amazing event, the advent of which every bride looks forward to. In preparation for the celebration, every little thing needs to be taken into account so that nothing overshadows this joyful day. This also applies to the image of the bride, because he must become a single whole and transform the already beautiful bride. Let’s talk about the most popular styles of wedding dresses and their characteristic features.

Ball Gown Wedding Outfit
Such an outfit is the best fit for a magnificent and solemn ceremony. Models of this style imply the presence of a multilayer skirt and tight-fitting upper part (sometimes a corset).

ball gown style wedding dress

Such a dress can be complemented by various neckline cutouts, lace sleeves or thin straps, which should be complemented by long gloves. A dress of this style can be supplemented with a train, because thanks to a complex multilayer skirt, the weight of the train will not be so noticeable for the bride. Continue reading

Empire style wedding dress

Empire style or imperial style is very popular in wedding fashion, because he, like no other, can emphasize the femininity and beauty of the bride, but at the same time give her royal grandeur. Empire style was born in the 19th century, one of his admirers and legislators was Josephine Beauharnais, a companion of Napoleon’s life.

This combination of simplicity and elegance fits perfectly into any style of a wedding event. The peculiarity of such outfits is that they are sewn with a high waist located under the chest, and then smoothly pass into a flared or narrow skirt, forming a surprisingly delicate silhouette.

Most often, dresses in the Empire style are sewn from light flying fabrics: the bodice can be made of brocade, muslin or tulle, but the skirt is made of satin, chiffon, silk or organza. As for the sleeves, most often they are wide or in the form of flashlights, but there are also models with light straps. On the front, the outfit has a straight cut, but on the back it gathers with barely noticeable waves and gives the bride’s walk the smoothness and lightness. The bodice or skirt can be richly decorated with lace, embroidery, rhinestones, ribbons, frills and other decorative elements. There are also shortened Empire-style models that are perfect for a youth wedding or themed celebration. Empire style is Continue reading

Color wedding dress with photo

A wedding dress is a very important outfit in the life of every girl: he is chosen for a long time and carefully, because you really want to look perfect, feminine and charming on this holiday. Everything must be taken into account – length, cut, decor elements, style of the model. An important aspect is the color of the dress: the classic white was replaced by brighter and more saturated shades that carry a deep symbolic meaning. How to choose the right outfit and what does its color mean? – this is what our article is about.

A few tips for brides:

  • If your choice fell on a colored wedding dress, make sure that it shades your skin well and matches hair color;
  • Consider the level of officiality of the wedding: if the celebration is formal and takes place in a classic style, then color dresses should not be chosen;
  • When choosing a wedding dress, do not forget about the groom’s outfit: you should look harmonious and stylish, which means that his suit should also combine favorably with the color of the bride’s dress;
  • The fashion trend of wedding fashion is a combination of contrasting colors: red and white, black and white, saturated blue and turquoise;
  • A very interesting option will be a classic white wedding dress with contrast embroidery, dark lace or beads. Looks good with models with dark belts, ribbons and inserts.

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Interesting facts about wedding dresses

A wedding dress is an outfit with a rich and long history: over the centuries, the dress has been improved, new traditions have appeared, legends have been added about it. A rare modern wedding does without a beautiful outfit, let’s talk about the entertaining facts and history of wedding dresses.

In ancient Greece, in the homeland of the European wedding dress, the outfit was called “peplos,” it was long, light, fastened on the shoulders with clasps, a laurel wreath was put on the bride’s head;
In ancient Egypt, a formal outfit was called “Kalazaris,” a piece of cloth that wrapped the bride’s figure from her chest to her ankles and was fastened with two straps. By the way, in Egypt the least attention was paid to the beauty of the outfit; jewelry played a special role here: diadems, belts, rings, beads, bracelets for arms and legs – they were considered a gift from the gods and had symbolic meaning; Continue reading

Open Back Wedding Dresses

On a fabulous wedding day, all goggles are riveted to the main hero of the occasion – the beautiful bride. Preparing for the wedding, any girl spends dozens of hours thinking through every detail of her image, the main component of which is the dress. Open back wedding dresses are a trend of recent and upcoming seasons: sexuality, courage and going beyond the usual are in fashion.

Models with a neckline on the back are surprisingly attractive, a little hinting at the beauty of the naked female body and fabulously beautiful. It’s just such a strength that it is so elegant to emphasize the girl’s sex appeal without moving on to extravagance and unbridledness. But how to buy a perfectly sitting model from hundreds of copies of collections of salons in Moscow? How not to make a mistake with the choice and become the real queen of the ball? In this article we will give important tips from stylists about the intricacies of choosing dresses with an open back for a wedding.

Choose a silhouette: lush, with a train, short or long dresses with an open back

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Empire style wedding dress
Empire style or imperial style is very popular in wedding fashion, because he, like no other, can emphasize the femininity and beauty of the bride, but at the same time…


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