How to store a wedding dress after a wedding - current recommendations
The wedding has passed, but do not want to part with your dress? Are you going to leave it for children or just as a keepsake? Then it’s worth knowing…

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Royal dresses. Overview of the most sophisticated outfits.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was the most talked about event of the past year. Preparation, languid expectation and, finally, a solemn marriage, which was watched by the whole world. The bride walked to the altar in a snow-white dress with a long train, and a diamond tiara held the veil. In this review – luxurious royal outfits of the past and present.

1. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Princess Elizabeth’s wedding attire.
The family life of this couple is a standard not only for the UK. The royal couple in 2017 celebrated the 70th anniversary of their life together, which was an absolute record in history.

Elizabeth’s wedding dress was elegant and sophisticated. She walked down the aisle in an outfit with a 4-meter train embroidered with silver flowers, and the pearls decorated the bodice of the dress.

2. Grace Kelly and Prince of Monaco Rainier III

Wedding dress Grace Kelly.
The American actress Grace Kelly married in 1956, her chosen one was Prince of Monaco Rainier III. Laconic dress Grace was created by Helen Rose. Interestingly, the fateful acquaintance with the future husband occurred on the French Riviera during the filming of the film “Catch a Thief”. After marriage, the actress finished her professional career and devoted herself to raising three children.

3. Diana and Prince Charles

Lady Dee and Prince Charles. Wedding photography.
Princess Diana’s wedding dress is perhaps one of the most famous in the world. A train of 8 meters and 10 thousand pearls that decorated the lace made the outfit unforgettable.

The wedding of this couple in the press was called the “wedding of the century”, since it cost 3 million pounds. However, the invested funds did not make the family happy, after 15 years the couple divorced with a scandal.

4. Norwegian Princess Marta Louise and Ari Ben

Norwegian Princess Marta Louise and Ari Ben.
The Norwegian princess Marta Louise 14 years ago went down the aisle with the writer Henri Ben. At that time she was 30 years old, and it seemed that Martha was crazy in love with her chosen one. Over the years, three daughters were born in the family, but recently the crisis in relations has reached a peak, and Marta Louise has filed for divorce.

5. Mary Elizabeth Donaldson and Prince of Denmark Frederick

Wedding of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson and Prince of Denmark Frederick.
The marriage of Mary and Frederick took place in Copenhagen on May 14, 2004. After marriage, Mary received the title of Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Satin dress for the celebration was created by designer Uffe Frank. To drape and raise the skirt, it took 67 m of satin, 8 m of Irish and 100 m of Chantilly lace and 31 m of tulle. How much the outfit weighed, one can only guess!

6. Kate Middleton and Prince William

The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William.
The wedding celebration of Kate Middleton and Prince William, with bated breath, was watched by the whole world. The bride that day was incredibly pretty. Kate wore an ivory satin dress adorned with lace shamrocks, the most delicate veil and the Nimbus tiara of 1936 from Elizabeth II.

7. Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neill

The wedding of Princess Madeleine and businessman Christopher O’Neill.
The Swedish Princess Madeleine had to wait a long time for the opportunity to marry, since she could only do this after her older sister. Madeleine had a long relationship with the famous lawyer Yunas Bergström, in 2009 they even announced their engagement. However, a year later, the engagement was terminated, and Madeleine married the businessman Christopher O’Neill. Under the crown, the princess wore a Valentino organza and lace dress.

8. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II

The wedding of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II.
Charlene is a professional swimmer from Southern Rhodesia who performed at the Olympic Games for South Africa. In 2000, she met Albert II, the son of Grace Kelly, during a competition in Monaco, and a year later their wedding took place. The bride walked to the altar in a dress of direct silhouette by Giorgio Armani, decorated with embroidery, pearls and crystals.

9. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Wedding of the Year: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.
Megan walked to the altar in a snow-white silk dress with a three-quarter sleeve and a boat neckline. The outfit was complemented by a veil decorated with a floral pattern, symbolizing images of all 53 countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The main decoration was, of course, the tiara, which Megan lent to Elizabeth. The tiara was made in 1932, and a removable brooch with 10 diamonds in 1893.

How to store a wedding dress after a wedding - current recommendations
The wedding has passed, but do not want to part with your dress? Are you going to leave it for children or just as a keepsake? Then it’s worth knowing…


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