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How to store a wedding dress after a wedding – current recommendations

The wedding has passed, but do not want to part with your dress? Are you going to leave it for children or just as a keepsake? Then it’s worth knowing how to keep this outfit so as not to spoil it over time. Our recommendations will help to do this, with their help it will be possible to relax and after decades to enjoy its amazing purity and freshness.

How to store a wedding dress?

15-svadbenoye-platye-podarok First you need to buy a box for storing it with dimensions of at least 90×60 cm and a depth of 25 cm. It is best if it is made of a material that allows air to pass through. The following should be strictly avoided:

• plastic;
• wood;
• metal;
• glass.

As a basis, dense cardboard is best suited, which does not deteriorate under the influence of sunlight and moderate moisture. The main condition for this is that the product must have a lid that can be reliably closed. Mosquitoes, insects and other pests cannot be allowed to enter through it.

Parchment paper should be placed in the selected box to protect the contents from moisture and other negative external factors. It should tightly fit the bottom and walls and be sure to be white, not bright. The last model after some time may begin to discolor, as a result of which traces will certainly remain on the dress.

The cost of such packaging ranges from 2000-5000 rubles. You can buy it cheaper at one of the online auctions, it can be eBay. Together with the delivery, it will cost about $ 50. If there is free money, you can order a box with your initials, which will be $ 10-15 more expensive.

How to prepare a wedding dress for storage.

To do this, you will need:

• spacious cardboard box;
• parchment paper;
• dry cleaning services;
• cotton gloves;
• aromatic sachets.

Attention! Task number 1 – to tidy up the outfit, which is best done in dry cleaning.

Do not do your own washing at home, the outfit can be easily ruined – deform, change color, stretch. This is especially true of products with an abundance of decorative jewelry – rhinestones, beads, stones.

The cost of such a service is approximately 1,500 rubles. It is advisable to use it in the first two weeks after the celebration. It is very important to fit into these timelines if traces of wine, ketchup, sweat and rust are noticeable on the dress. Taking it from the dry cleaning service, immediately remove the outfit from the plastic bag in which it will be, and hang it on your shoulders so that the dress “breathes” a little. If this is not done, the product may turn yellow due to lack of air.

How to pack a wedding dress Wash your hands well, just in case, use cotton gloves and remove the outfit from your shoulders. Then carefully fold it several times and send to the bottom of the box, pre-covered with parchment paper. It is important that it covers the product completely.

Attention! Do not put any jewelry and decorative elements with the dress, they can ruin it.

Before closing the lid, if you want the outfit to smell good after a long time, dip the aromatic sachets into the box. Do not use perfumes or eau de toilette as an alternative, which can soak up the fabric very much. In the future, getting rid of this smell will be very difficult. The last step is to close the box with a lid, which you can dress with a beautiful satin ribbon on top.

Where to store a wedding dress

No matter how reliable the packaging of the wedding dress is, it must be stored under certain conditions. These include:

air temperature in the range of 16-20 ° C, both in summer and in winter;
lack of direct sunlight;
humidity at the level of 60%, no more;
the need to get the dress every 6 months for several hours;
the place should be dark and dry.
If any damage is found on the box – blackening, deformation, discoloration, getting wet, etc., it is necessary to immediately replace the packaging and wrapping paper. To prevent this from happening, the product should be stored on the top shelf in a closet or on a closed loggia.

Strictly following the suggested tips, there will be no doubt that the wedding dress left will “live” a long life and at the same time will delight the eye with its virgin beauty, as for the first time.

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