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Color wedding dress with photo

A wedding dress is a very important outfit in the life of every girl: he is chosen for a long time and carefully, because you really want to look perfect, feminine and charming on this holiday. Everything must be taken into account – length, cut, decor elements, style of the model. An important aspect is the color of the dress: the classic white was replaced by brighter and more saturated shades that carry a deep symbolic meaning. How to choose the right outfit and what does its color mean? – this is what our article is about.

A few tips for brides:

  • If your choice fell on a colored wedding dress, make sure that it shades your skin well and matches hair color;
  • Consider the level of officiality of the wedding: if the celebration is formal and takes place in a classic style, then color dresses should not be chosen;
  • When choosing a wedding dress, do not forget about the groom’s outfit: you should look harmonious and stylish, which means that his suit should also combine favorably with the color of the bride’s dress;
  • The fashion trend of wedding fashion is a combination of contrasting colors: red and white, black and white, saturated blue and turquoise;
  • A very interesting option will be a classic white wedding dress with contrast embroidery, dark lace or beads. Looks good with models with dark belts, ribbons and inserts.

Classic Wedding Fashion

White color and its shades have long been considered traditional – it is a symbol of purity, innocence and tenderness of the bride. In Europe, wedding dresses of this color have gained popularity thanks to the English Queen Victoria. In 1840, at her wedding ceremony with the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, she appeared in a snow-white outfit. At the end of the 19th century, the fashion for white color came to Russia – at first it was ball gowns, and then lush wedding dresses.


In the 21st century, the color scheme of shades of white has expanded significantly. This type of dress is ideal for conservative brides who can not imagine their ceremony without a white dress, or for girls who want to celebrate a celebration in the English style. It is worth remembering that the white color is a significant drawback – if it is rainy autumn weather in the yard, it is better to refuse dazzling models with a train or hem on the floor.

When choosing a suitable shade of the dress, it is desirable that the color does not visually fill the bride and sets off the color of her skin. If the bride is red-haired, she will have a cream outfit to her face, a wide range of gray-blue, apricot and gray-golden models for blondes has been created, white-lilac, milky white and white-pink shades are suitable for blond-haired girls. Brunettes will look as spectacular as possible in snowy white, pinkish and silver outfits.

Black wedding dresses

The collections of many modern wedding designers present models in black. On the bride, he does not seem mourning at all, on the contrary – this is the height of grace and elegance, and in combination with light accessories or contrasting inserts, such outfits look most impressive.

In the old days in the countries of Scandinavia it was believed that a wedding is a farewell to a bride with a free and carefree girlhood, therefore, they dressed in dark tones without any frills for the wedding of a girl. This outfit is not suitable for everyone: the black color does not suit ladies with light peach or golden skin and white hair. If you really want, you can insert several contrasting inserts in a white dress, but no more. But fatal beauties with a winter type of appearance will look very advantageous in a black wedding outfit. Well, of course, be prepared for the reaction of relatives who may be shocked by such a choice of wedding attire.

Blue and gray color wedding dress

Blue is a more interesting alternative to conservative white. It is believed that this color symbolizes infinite love and fidelity. Not without reason in Britain there is a tradition according to which something blue should be present in the outfit of the bride. Light blue, turquoise, blue – each bride will be able to choose an outfit for her soul, emphasizing her tenderness and beauty.


Often blue is combined with silver-gray. Of course, a purely gray dress will look boring and uninteresting, but the pearl shade produces a dizzying effect. The girl looks more elegant and royally proud.

Pink and red wedding dress

Some might think that a bride in a pink wedding dress, especially in the princess style, looks like a sweet Barbie doll. This does not always correspond to the truth, because there are a great many shades of pink and each girl will be able to choose an outfit for her liking. This color is associated with innocence, girlish beauty and femininity.


It is worth remembering that the choice of shade depends on the type of your skin and hair. Pink is primarily suitable for blondes, red-haired girls and brides with chestnut hair it is better to experiment with richer shades, but for brunettes, a contrasting dress combining white and pink is ideal.

The femme fatale is the first association that arises when a woman is dressed in a red outfit. Surprisingly, this bright color, a symbol of passion and fire, firmly entered into the wedding fashion. In red dresses, according to tradition, brides from China and India marry. It emphasizes the power of personality and inner fire and is perfect for themed weddings or brides who love to be in the center

Young and modest girls who are not inclined to shock the public should look at more calm shades – in them you will be more comfortable. It looks very beautiful combination of classic white with scarlet accessories – wide ribbons, contrasting embroideries and a bright bouquet.



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