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Pantsuit for the bride: is it worth the risk?

A correctly selected pantsuit will emphasize the elegance and impeccable taste of the bride. This non-traditional image is increasingly chosen by modern young girls and mature ladies who are not getting married for the first time. Is it worth the risk wearing a white wedding suit for the bride with trousers instead of a dress? Let’s try to understand all the pros and cons of an unusual outfit.

The nuances of choice
Choosing the image of the bride, you need to correctly evaluate the features of your figure and growth. If you decide to purchase a pantsuit for a wedding, pay attention to the following points:

• style – the outfit should emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. Modern designers offer a huge selection of wedding women’s pantsuits for the bride – elegant twos, threes with a vest, with a blouse or top. Based on the figure, you can choose from this assortment the ideal solution for girls of different age categories, height and complexion;

• headdress – keep in mind that a traditional veil with a trouser suit of the bride will be inappropriate. It is better to buy a wide-brimmed hat or headpiece with a veil and elegant jewelry to match the color of the clothes. You can simply decorate your hair with beautiful hairpins and flowers;

• additional accessories – if instead of a dress you bought a laconic jacket and trousers without decorations, make your look elegant with beautiful jewelry, a wedding bag, a headdress and shoes;

• color – the shade of the wedding suit should not coincide with the colors of the clothes of your guests. Therefore, it is better to choose a traditional white or cream, that is, a color that will set you apart from girlfriends, relatives and friends.

The image of the bride in trousers will undoubtedly cause certain emotions among the guests. Whether these emotions are positive or not depends on the newlyweds.

Advantages of the bride’s trouser suit
Unlike a classic dress with lace, a corset and countless ties, a wedding trouser outfit for the bride has several advantages:

• creates an extraordinary image that guests will remember for a long time;

• provides convenience and comfort;

• becomes an ideal option in the cold season;

• suitable for older women;

• a correctly selected style hides all the flaws of the figure.

The image of the bride in a white trouser suit, of course, is far from the image of the fairy-tale princess, which many modern girls dream of. Yes, the wedding is one, but there can be several outfits. No one will stop you from meeting your future husband in a traditional dress with a veil and going to the registry office in it, and in the evening to change into more comfortable trousers for active fun in the restaurant. In addition, subsequently, a white trouser suit can be used as an elegant image for special occasions, as well as as casual clothes. And this is another plus of wedding dresses with pants.

Alternative to dress
Modern designers recommend different styles of wedding attire with trousers. These are elegant classics and interesting combined models, where elements of a traditional image are combined:

• classic suit with trousers and a jacket of a straight cut or with a blouse with a deep neckline;

• a free image with flared sleeves and trousers from well-draped fabric;

• overalls;

• dress-pants with an elongated train;

• culottes and even shorts.

There are a lot of design options. The task of the future wife is the right choice of fabric, jewelry, accessories and other attributes of a modern wedding. In reality, finding the perfect model is quite difficult, especially considering all the nuances of the figure. However, pants are good because they can be combined with any top – a blouse, turtleneck, top, jacket, tunic, etc. Moreover, the bottom fabric can radically differ from the top of the outfit, that is, in a woman’s trouser suit for a bride for a wedding, it’s appropriate lace and cotton, silk and boucle, faux fur and lurex.

In addition, the pants themselves can be either a separate element of the image, or in addition to a more complex top. For example, skinny white trousers will go well with a spectacular lace tunic dress with an elongated back, which can smoothly transition into a train. Or, conversely, a laconic strapless top will be decorated with luxurious flares from flowing fabric with a spectacular belt that emphasizes the waist line.

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