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Wedding dresses for full

From year to year, wedding collections are updated, evolve, become more numerous and richer in all kinds of trends that are suitable not only for slim, but also for brides of various complexions.

Designers pay more and more attention to women with generous bends and offer them perfectly tailored dresses.

Yes, today it’s fashionable to appreciate your forms, the main thing is to be able to find your own style, competently beat and demonstrate your silhouette.

What style of wedding dress is suitable for women size +?

Do you have an asthenic physique? You are not thin, do not have a thin long neck, narrow shoulders, flat chest?

If nature has endowed you with luxurious forms – great! The idea is not to hide your forms, but to sublimate them! That is, not to be repelled from body weight, but to be guided by the type of figure, the color type of appearance, and proportions.

Many famous designers, among them John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier, are inspired by magnificent forms and inspire us. They help get rid of misconceptions, offering full girls long, elegant dresses, bright colors, guipures – there is nothing forbidden and impossible. The main thing is to file correctly.

And further. Fashion should never be taken too seriously. All women can dress as they wish. But still worth it:

• listen to new trends a little (very little) in order to look modern;

• know your morphology in order to be able to correct it, and for this you need to stand in front of a mirror a little longer than usual;

• avoid extremes: for example, too loose cut, too short skirt;

• be able to use for adjusting cuts, decor, neckline, drapery in the right place (for example, at the waist) and other details.

Advice only for the full: be proud of your beautiful shapes! Believe me, graceful girls also have flaws, they just skillfully hide them. After all, even the most trendy and expensive wedding style may simply not go to you, ruin the image or make it funny.

A little higher, we asked what style of wedding dress is suitable for plus size women. We answer: any. However, to find a rare pearl, the same thing, only your wedding dress is not so simple, but … we have secret codes for you.

Key clues for the most beautiful bride
The main universal rule (for both thin and curvy) is: the dress should sit, be fitted and fit your body type perfectly. For any girl, buying a wedding dress is an exciting moment. Just ladies with three-dimensional shapes should be a little prudent with the choice. So, our recommendations:

1. For brides with magnificent breasts.

For example, if you have an apple-shaped silhouette (large chest, broad shoulders and slender legs), discard the abundance of decor at the top and pay attention to dresses that add extra volume to the hips. A lace bolero will hide the volume in the shoulders.

If, on the contrary, you want to emphasize your dignity, a dress on a yoke and high waist will suit better than others.

2. For brides with voluminous hips.

With a large volume of hips, full legs and a small bust, you can visually change the shape with corrective underwear. It can hide many flaws. An outfit with a full skirt will hide even the most impressive forms.

3. For full brides with small breasts.

Your main advantage is that you have every right to allow yourself not to wear a bra, which means that the straps will not be visible, and you can choose a dress with an open top and back.

In addition, a dress with a V-neck and a flared skirt made of flowing, flowing fabric will look very harmonious at you. It will add harmony to the silhouette.

4. For brides with full hands.

If you want to look away from full hands, use a sleeve, long or 3/4. You can beat him with an additional detail – stylish aristocratic gloves. They will add an image of elegance and grace. Such an outfit will be not only exquisite, but also very practical and comfortable in the cold season.

If the adjectives that best suit your rounded silhouette are “harmonious” and “proportional,” it’s all very simple. You will need only a well-tailored and tailored dress in which you will be comfortable. A long, tight-fitting, but not tight-fitting dress on the floor is an excellent argument.

A universal hint for full, for thin, and for slender brides: in all cases, choose a model in which you will be comfortable for a long time. This applies not only to morphology, but also to style and even worldview. In too tight a dress you will feel pinched. Too short and open you risk not only freezing, but also hypnotizing the guests with your sexuality, but this is still a wedding.

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