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Wedding wrap: an interesting accessory that complements the dress

When creating a wedding dress, any detail is important: accessories, shoes, jewelry. Not the last place in this list is given to the cape on the wedding dress. This element will become not only protection from the cold, but also an additional decoration of the bride.

Why use wraps
The wedding wrap for the bride, made in the same style as the wedding dress, will make the image even more beautiful and give the female silhouette literate proportions. In wedding photos, you will be irresistible. If the young are going to get married, the cloak will be simply irreplaceable, because the bride should cover her head. If desired, the wedding wrap can be removed at any time of the event.

In order to look stunning, designers give some recommendations:

1. For a bright, extravagant image, it is better to take a laconic cloak, otherwise the outfit will be too oversaturated. If the dress is simple cut, then the unusual wrap will give it an additional charm.

2. The main thing in the wedding image should be a dress, not a cloak.

3. Do not forget about convenience, because you walk like this all day.

Types of wedding wraps
The wedding wrap for the bride can be warm or light, long or short, artless or decorated with rhinestones or flowers. This accessory is made of fur, wool, lace, chiffon. In style and color, it should fit the main solemn toilet.

The following types of wraps are popular:

1. Fur coat. This attribute is indispensable if the wedding takes place in winter. This element of the wardrobe provides protection from the cold, beauty and elegance. It is especially useful if the style of the dress involves many exposed parts of the body. Depending on the budget, you can choose both natural fur and artificial fur, which looks no different from the real one. This item of clothing can be decorated with rhinestones, beads or lace. The length is chosen taking into account the style of the dress, the preferences of the woman and the temperature in the street. A warm wrap on a wedding dress can be used in the future as a protection against the cold and a fashion accessory.

2. The boa. This fur product is a scarf covering the neck, shoulders and chest. It looks very stylish and elegant.

3. Drape. A short cape for the bride, usually with a hood. For different seasons it is made of fur, cashmere, lace or guipure. A warm drape will warm in cold weather and make the bride’s image fabulous. Wraps on a wedding dress in summer are better to choose guipure or lace.

4. Bolero. Shortened jacket with sleeves covering the shoulders and back, made of satin, cashmere, organza, lace. It is sewn in one style with the main outfit, giving it elegance and completeness. Such a wedding wrap on the shoulders will not allow the bride to freeze and at the same time will not constrain movements. Bolero can be made from almost any beautiful fabric. It can become both a continuation of the outfit, matching it in color, pattern and texture, as well as an independent accessory. Fashion designers are especially advised to wear boleros for girls who have problems with posture. This detail will help to look more slim. In addition, it will allow you to hide full arms or a tattoo on them.

5. The stole. This item of clothing is known to all women, it is widely used in everyday wardrobe. But it can also be a great addition to a wedding outfit. The stole will look especially organic with a dress in a vintage or ethno style. Depending on the weather and style, the stole can be warm or light, voluminous or thin, knitted or woven. Having thrown the stole differently, the bride will visually change her outfit.

6. Cloak. Recently, this wedding accessory is gaining more and more popularity. It looks like a cloth fastened under the neck. If necessary, it is sewn with a hood. This outfit gives the appearance of the bride additional romanticism. To look harmonious, the cloak should be made of the same material as the dress itself.

7. Coat. A wonderful option for a wedding cape for the bride in the fall and winter. For use as a wedding dress, a simple cut without a collar is used. The length of the coat may be different, it depends on the style of the dress.

8. Boa. This is the name of a scarf made of fur, feathers or fluff. Gives the image of the bride lightness, elegance and even mystery.

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