Interesting facts about wedding dresses
A wedding dress is an outfit with a rich and long history: over the centuries, the dress has been improved, new traditions have appeared, legends have been added about it.…

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Loved the wedding dress: what to do?
It would seem that here is the dress of your dreams, you can’t stop looking at them and literally blow off the dust from it, but a couple of weeks…

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Pantsuit for the bride: is it worth the risk?
A correctly selected pantsuit will emphasize the elegance and impeccable taste of the bride. This non-traditional image is increasingly chosen by modern young girls and mature ladies who are not…

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Black wedding dress: why not?

A lace top and a multi-tiered hem made of tulle, silk and velvet, flower embroidery, a strict top in a men’s style and a skirt on the floor – how beautiful it all looks in black!

The bride is in black, and the groom is in white … or gray. Somewhere, once something like this already happened … Yes, the black wedding dress has been around for centuries. But more on that later.

Today it is not only beautiful and solemn, but also fashionable. And it certainly has a right to exist.

For those who are tired of the classic white and all its shades (clean, cold, warm, ash, cream), let’s say that there are all kinds of variations of the wedding dress: red, purple, chocolate, black. Who said a tuxedo must be black and a bride’s dress white? And if you try the other way around? After all, black is associated with sexuality, is considered a shade of chic. So why not use it for a wedding dress, highlighting with a bright accessory or a bouquet of flowers?

By the way, many celebrities previously dared to marry, being in black. Examples? You are welcome:

• Marilyn Monroe, in 1954, at a wedding with Joe DiMaggio;

• Catherine Deneuve, in 1965, at a marriage with David Bailey;

• Sarah Jessica Parker, in 1997, marrying Matthew Broderick;

• Avril Lavigne, in 2013, when she became the wife of Chad Kruger.

Don’t contrast black with white, but take a closer look
The democratization of marriage in black is mild. In recent years, we have seen an interest in black wedding dresses. This is especially noticeable in the collections of haute couture houses: works by Vera Wong in 2013, black wedding dresses by Ulyana Sergienko, decor from Stephen Roland, dresses, feathers, gloves from Christian Dior, black and white wedding dresses by Jean-Paul Gaultier, black corsets Versace, embroidery the same color from Chanel.

Feel free to do as you want, choose what you will feel comfortable and beautiful in. This is your wedding! You are the queen! There is no reason to deprive yourself of a dark dress if you dream about it. Perhaps our little anthology of photos of brides in black wedding dresses will inspire you.

The final choice depends on the texture and combination. We’ll talk about them. What can a black wedding dress combine with a bride? Or let’s go on the other side: is it possible to complement a dress of any other color with black accessories, shoes, a drape?

A black robe will look luxurious with a white veil or veil, a wreath of pastel flowers in your hair or a bright bouquet. And black strokes originally accentuate the perfect feminine white silhouette.

And how do you like the transparent black tulle draped over a cappuccino skirt? Anthracite dress with a belt of white petals? Or black lace on ivory organza? Who dares to say that this is ugly?

A black wedding toilet is still quite rare, but if you search well, you can find it. Will you be seduced by his mysterious charm?

Black Wedding Dress: déjà vu en Russie
Several centuries ago, wedding traditions in Russia were very different from modern ones. The wedding dress of the Russian girl was multi-layered and colorful. The main color was not white at all (it was not used at all because of holiness), but red. It was he who symbolized joy and was considered the most beautiful. There were combinations with turquoise, yellow, burgundy, brown, orange.

The main subject was a straight, free sundress, under which several petticoats were poked for volume and a shirt, and a murderer and an apron were “strung” on top. Hats and headscarves were present.

According to the cut, the outfit of a fashionable woman, walking down the aisle, repeated everyday, but was sewn of thin linen and wool. More noble persons could afford velvet, brocade, silk sundresses. Although they both looked luxurious due to the handmade decor.

Moreover, usually there was more than one wedding attire. During the ceremony, the bride changed her dress: at the bachelorette party – the first, at the wedding – the second, at the feast – the third, on the second day of the wedding – the fourth.

But in many provinces there were only two dresses: before and after the wedding. Here is the first thing that interests us more than others, because often it was black with a black veil. The second dress was red.

Everything changed at the beginning of the XVIII century, when Peter the Great ordered all Russia to follow European fashion. Sundresses with shirts (though not fast) are a thing of the past and have been forgotten. But the king did not say a word about white.

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