What wedding dresses are made of
Every girl dreams of organizing her wedding perfectly. To create a triumph of dreams, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. One of the main elements of…

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What wedding dresses are made of

Every girl dreams of organizing her wedding perfectly. To create a triumph of dreams, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. One of the main elements of the wedding is the bride’s dress, namely, what it is made of. The material for the wedding dress affects not only the appearance of the dress, but also on the convenience.

What to look for when choosing fabric
The fabric for the wedding dress needs to be selected so that it is suitable for the weather, the style of the event, the place where it is held, was pleasant to the touch, and the bride was comfortable to be in it all day. Distinctive properties of fabric for sewing wedding dresses:

1. Waving. The bride is constantly filmed on a photo and video camera, and I don’t really want the hem of the dress to be wrinkled.

2. Durable and elastic. The dress has to be worn all day, it will have to move a lot, dance. Sometimes they step on the hem of the dress, and he should not be torn from the slightest touch.

3. Breathable – so that the bride feels comfortable in any weather.

4. Corresponding to the style. Excessively lightweight fabric will not hold its shape and will not allow drapery to be created. And from a dense fabric such as taffeta it is impossible to create the impression of flowing matter.

5. Moderately shiny, so as not to create glare in the photo.

For a wedding that is planned for the summer, light, airy fabrics are more suitable. If the celebration takes place in winter, then an outfit made of dense material will be appropriate.

Most popular fabrics
The choice of material for the wedding dress needs to be approached very carefully, since the appearance of the bride and her comfort depends on this. Each fabric has its pros and cons, which must be considered when sewing an outfit. The most popular wedding fabrics include:

• atlas;

• brocade;

• taffeta;

• silk;

• chiffon;

• lace;

• organza

Consider each of the options in more detail:

Due to its rich appearance, strength and ease of processing, the atlas is one of the fabrics most often used for celebrations. It can be dense and lightweight, natural and artificial. Its advantages are as follows:

• has a shiny, smooth surface that makes the fabric elegant;

• excellent shape retention due to its density;

• it is easy to drape, so from the atlas you can create complex structures from several layers;

• withstands decoration of beads, rhinestones, glass beads, crystals, without stretching and not sagging.

This rich material combines well with other fabrics. That is why fashion designers love him, completing with various matte fabrics, lace, organza, embroidery and creating a harmonious wedding look.

Satin dress is indispensable if the wedding is scheduled for the cold season. In addition, it will be appropriate in luxurious interiors. For this fabric, any styles are suitable.

The disadvantages of the atlas include the fact that it easily creases. The bride should also remember that in the summer in a wedding dress made of thick fabric, she will be very hot.

If you dream of splendor and elegance at your own wedding, then your choice is taffeta. This dense silk, cotton or synthetic fabric is distinguished by a glossy texture, does not crease and shimmers in different colors under different lighting conditions.

Taffeta outfits perfectly retain their shape, so it is often sewn from skirts with drapes, puffy dresses with a corset, A-silhouette models that are decorated with lace, rhinestones, beads or beads. Silk or cotton taffeta gives a characteristic rustle when moving. This will give the bride an additional charm.

Taffeta outfits will be appropriate in both summer and winter. If necessary, the hem of the wedding dress is made of shiny fabric from several layers – then it will be warmer.

This is another favorite when creating luxurious wedding dresses. Such a fabric has long been considered a symbol of wealth, as it was made from silk, adding gold threads (now they have been replaced with metal). Thanks to this design, the fabric looks very beautiful, it is strong and durable. No additional elements or decorations are required. Best brocade outfit is suitable for the cold season. He is able to decorate a girl with any figure, since he has the properties to successfully demonstrate virtues and hide flaws.

Brocade fabric perfectly protects from the cold, so it is suitable for weddings in the winter and autumn months. A brocade dress complete with a snow-white fur coat will make the newlywed a real queen.

Silk has always been a very expensive material, so only truly wealthy people could afford outfits from it. Recently, manufacturers have been producing silk with synthetic impurities, which makes it a bit cheaper. At the same time, it looks as beautiful and luxurious as natural fabric.

Silk fabric is very popular due to its luxurious appearance, lightness and airiness. Such an outfit gives the bride an elegance and almost does not require additional accessories. For a silk dress, it is best to choose tight-fitting styles: for example, a “mermaid” and an A-silhouette.

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What wedding dresses are made of
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