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Casual Wedding Dresses

Many couples do not want to celebrate the wedding and do only painting in the registry office, but even witnesses and their close friends should be invited to this event. Some register their marriage on one day, and celebrate on another. What should the bride do in this case? Wearing the same wedding dress twice is a bad manners. It is for such cases that there is a non-wedding dress for the bride. What are the differences between such outfits? Firstly, for painting, you can choose a non-white dress. Secondly, if you decide to do without a celebration, then you can not buy a wedding dress at all and get along with an elegant white trouser suit.

Many girls prefer pink or cream shades of a wedding dress. Often, brides come even in scarlet robes. When choosing a dress color, stylists recommend avoiding dark shades, since the outfit should not be evening. The best option would be a cocktail dress that is not too provocative and not very open so that the bride does not look vulgar.

Non-solemn wedding dresses are distinguished by a lack of pomp, pomp and luxury. Models are not decorated with rhinestones or beads. The most common styles are a sheath dress or a baby-dollar model. Cases – a universal option that suits girls with any type of figure, this style will give the bride sophistication. Baby-dollar models have a playful design and are suitable for petite girls.

Features of non-wedding dresses for the bride
The bride’s non-wedding dress should look neat, elegant, stylish and festive, even if you decide to do without a wedding. You can buy a dress for painting at the Vanilla wedding salon. Choose the appropriate option, based on several criteria:

1 season. In the warm season, you should give preference to a dress or costume made of thin fabrics. The model should be sleeveless. In winter, buy dresses with long sleeves. This will protect the bride from the cold and preserve a beautiful complexion for memorable photos. If the celebration is scheduled for the winter, then you should take care of buying a fur coat or insulated bolero.

2. The figure. An hourglass shaped bride will suit any model. Girls with a pear-shaped figure are not recommended to wear the Mermaid silhouette, as the dress will emphasize the massive hem. The best option would be to choose a dress in the Empire style. A fluffy skirt will correct imperfections and emphasize the thin waist of the bride. Pregnant girls should not choose tight models; a dress in the Greek style or a short dress in the style of the 60s would be a good choice.

3. Color. The dress for the bride non-wedding can be any color. You should focus on the color type of the woman’s appearance. Girls with

reddish or golden hair and brown eyes fit warm shades. Women of Nordic type are more suitable for cold colors.

Salon “Vanilla” has existed on the Russian market for several years and has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality designer dresses from Europe and the USA. In the catalog you can also pick up an outfit from Russian designers. Examples include brands such as YOO STUDIO, Cosmos Bride, designer outfits by Natalya Bovykina and many others. The staff of the store has its own tailor who will customize any model according to the figure and help create an unforgettable image of the bride.

How not to get lost in the variety of stylish wedding dresses?
Fashion has always been known for being fickle and moody. To follow all its trends and keep up with the latest trends in fashion shows, you need to have not only a thick wallet, but also a roomy wardrobe. Fortunately, this does not apply one hundred percent to the fashion of wedding images.

Of course, every season, designers from around the world try to surprise us with something fresh and truly unusual, demonstrating the most stylish wedding dresses at their shows. But it is easy to agree that the same styles annually wander from one podium to another, changing only in details. In addition, various silhouettes of designer wedding dresses tend to succeed each other on a pedestal of preferences, however, never completely losing their distance.

If you want to hold a celebration at an altitude, you must try to surprise the invited audience with something truly interesting. Choosing the style of the dress for the wedding, try to beat exactly its design – and then even the simplest silhouette of the A-shaped cut will look like something original and completely new.

The latest trends in the world of fashionable wedding dresses
Recent seasons of fashion shows around the world demonstrate a strong love of designers for lace. Indeed, which bride will not touch and gently look in this subtlest and weightless decor? If you put on a dress of lace – a delightful image is provided for you!

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