Lace wedding dress
A wedding ceremony is a very important event in the life of every woman. I want everything to be impeccable, and the image of the bride surprised and delighted the…

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How to store a wedding dress after a wedding - current recommendations
The wedding has passed, but do not want to part with your dress? Are you going to leave it for children or just as a keepsake? Then it’s worth knowing…

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Wedding dresses for full
From year to year, wedding collections are updated, evolve, become more numerous and richer in all kinds of trends that are suitable not only for slim, but also for brides…

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Allow yourself to look luxurious in a wedding dress with rhinestones

Diamonds and jewelry with precious stones are not without reason called the best friends of girls. Even if you are wearing the simplest cocktail dress in neutral color, a luxurious necklace of pearls or sapphires can make you a queen in an instant. Now imagine what effect you can achieve if you combine the magic of stones with the magic of a wedding dress!

Of course, embroidering a corset or a skirt of a wedding outfit with real jewelry, and even more so with diamonds, can only be granted by persons of royal blood or a girl with a very tight wallet. But artificial stones, Swarovski crystals, pearls, beads and sequins can always be a worthy replacement for cabochons. Depending on the capabilities of the bride and her family, you can find wedding dresses with stones for fabulously high prices, as well as less expensive options, of which there are a great many in boutiques in Moscow.

Wedding dresses with rhinestones generously strewn with lace on a corset or puffy skirts are a favorite choice of many brides. The desire to look luxurious and to be like a princess is characteristic of every girl, especially – on such a solemn and significant day. If you are afraid of the price that may be requested in expensive salons for a dress sparkling with rhinestones, do not be lazy to evaluate all possible options in order to buy the most beautiful outfit profitably.

Stoned wedding dress – royal look and radiant look
Despite the apparent uniformity, there are a great many options for finishing wedding dresses with stones or rhinestones. There are dozens of types of decorating elements alone, so it becomes difficult to choose from all this splendor.

Wedding dresses in stones are a really worthwhile option that must be judged firsthand in all their beauty. If your wedding ceremony takes place in the warm season, when the sun shines at its full potential, be sure to take the opportunity to shine along with it. The corset of the wedding dress, decorated with rhinestones or stones, attracts a hundred times more admiring glances than a dress of ordinary cut. If you love lace, combine these two luxurious finishes in one dress – a lace corset framed by iridescent stones looks very expensive, incredibly colorful and gorgeous!

You can buy a wedding dress embroidered with stones not only along the line of the corset or belt, but also along the hem of the tulle skirt. Hidden in the folds of fabric, large rhinestones and bugles can create a magical sparkling halo around you, reflecting millions of sunlight.

In the wedding salon “Vanilla” you will definitely find exactly the wedding dress that you have been dreaming about for so long. We offer you the creation of a complete wedding look, from choosing a hairstyle to shoes, so that you can enjoy preparing for the most important day of your life without any unnecessary worries and hassles. We have a large assortment of wedding dresses of an exclusive design, among which you will certainly find your wedding dress with crystals.

Feature of unusual wedding dresses
What wedding celebration is complete without a magnificent wedding dress? And we tell you – every tenth! Yes, yes, ten brides out of a hundred choose a dress that is not white, not magnificent or in general – it is scary to imagine! – not a dress!

A wedding is that day in the life of every girl when she wants to look:

– unique
– memorable
and just the very presam!

Naturally, at the wedding celebration, the bride is the central figure, there is nobody more beautiful and luxurious. But even if you stand at the altar in a wedding dress, you still continue to compete a bit with other girls present in the hall. With already married – look, and my wedding is much cooler than yours, the dress is more expensive, and the cake is tastier. And with those who have yet to put on a wedding ring on their lovely ring finger – come on, try and outdo it!

Wedding dresses 2019 from Jesus Peiro.

Specializing in wedding dresses and accessories, Jesus Peiro celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. 30 years full of beauty and success in the wedding business. In 1988, 2 friends founded the company, which became one of the most successful in the market of wedding accessories in Europe and the USA. Jesus Peiro was born in Spain in the city of Barcelona and from the beginning, the owners of the brand have not changed excellent quality and have produced all the wedding dresses in Spain, in their factory near the city. A professional team, a perfect cut of wedding dresses, the best wedding fabrics, modern equipment and production and embroidery technologies are all key to the success of Jesus Peiro. Wedding dresses from Jesus Peiro are chosen by brides in many countries, these dresses can not leave any girl indifferent – everything in them is perfect! Wedding dresses from Jesus Peiro can be bought in the best wedding salons around the world and once having measured the wedding dress from this brand, the bride will fall in love with him forever!

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