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What is a wedding without a bouquet and veil for the bride?

What is a wedding without a bouquet and veil for the bride? That’s right – unconventional! And a marriage that respects the traditions and rituals of their ancestors, which has been established for centuries, takes place in the presence of all these attributes of marriage. The veil for the bride is the second important element after the wedding dress, but its cost sometimes reaches the cost of the dress itself for the wedding.

Call us and find out how much this short mini veil with a hat or a loose-leaf veil is fashionable this season. If you are not afraid of the price of exclusive wedding accessories and veils offered by the Vanil wedding salon in Moscow, visit our online store – a luxurious wedding veil is already waiting for you!

Since ancient times, a veil for a wedding has been a special attribute of every girl getting married. This element of the wedding headdress had a truly magical significance, it was considered a charm of a girl. Nobody could touch the veil; the legend says: a woman will be unhappy in marriage if someone tries on her wedding veil. In addition to the mother and the bride herself, the veil was inviolable to everyone – especially until the moment of marriage in the church.

And after the wedding, the veil continued to serve as a family amulet as a protection against the evil eye of the baby and the girl herself, who once wore it.

Buy long wedding veil
Today, the serious significance of a veil is a thing of the past, but it has remained an integral attribute of a holiday and a wedding ceremony, a spectacular props of a wedding photo shoot and an original accessory in a bride’s outfit.

If you are planning a festive photoset in a wedding attire, lace veil is its indispensable element. With the participation of a veil, you can put dozens of different frames, come up with many interesting poses!

Listing the obvious advantages of a veil, do not forget about the discomfort that entails wearing this accessory. Such is the inconvenience, cumbersomeness of many options for veils, especially multi-layered cut, from hard tulle or with a train. It is easy to get tangled in a long veil, to hook and tear a thin fabric with an heel. In addition, a very long veil will cling to the terrain, collect dirt and dust from the road, tear on branches and grass. To avoid this, you will have to hire a whole retinue of footmen walking on the heels of the bride and dragging a heavy train. Otherwise, the once beautiful veil will quickly lose its presentation.

The second drawback of a veil with a diadem is the need to select a special hairstyle for it, which will hold tight all the solemn wedding day, and to which it will be possible to reliably attach a hairpin with a crown and a veil.

The third drawback is significant for girls who intentionally choose open dresses with bare hands, shoulders, neck, as well as a deep neckline and open back. In such a dress, even a small veil to the shoulders of a gentle shade of ivory will play the role of camouflage, reliably covering the exciting areas of the bride.

But this drawback turns into a noticeable advantage when it comes to the wedding ceremony. It is important to have a humble and humble appearance in the church. In this case, a luxurious long wedding veil in several layers, embroidered with lace and sequins at the edges, flowing neatly along the shoulders and back of the bride is ideal.

The white veil in the Greek style looks especially impressive – refined and sensual, flying and weightless. The longer the wedding veil, the more expensive its cost, but the more beautiful the look. Thin tulle gracefully blossoms from the hairstyle down, gently framing the bride’s arms and shoulders.

Extreme style is a magnificent veil up to 5 meters long, original, aristocratic. This veil is not suitable for all brides. On girls of short stature, a long and multi-layered wedding veil will look like a parachute spread out after the jump. With a height below 165 cm, it is better to focus on the outfit and hairstyle, wearing a wedding dress with sleeves and a not-so-voluminous veil with a maximum length of up to the waist.

Have you already chosen your dream wedding dress? Do not forget to buy a veil for a wedding from the huge assortment that the Vanilla wedding salon online store offers!

Fashion trends in the design of wedding dresses succeed each other with a kaleidoscopic speed. Another floral print so popular last season gave way to first floral embroidery, and then to magical appliqués of flowers on fabric.

Wedding dress with flowers is a delicate and romantic outfit. A common version of the decor is applications of flowers on the skirt of a wedding dress, flowing in waves and as if opening their delicate petals right on the bride. Also relevant is embroidery from lace on the hem of the dress for floral motifs using gold and silver threads. A similar design looks luxurious on the corset of the bride’s outfit, especially in combination with large buds of fresh or artificial flowers made of silk, satin, iridescent organza and other materials. Sign up to try on a wedding dress with flowers in the Vanilla wedding salon to buy an outfit that excites raptures and compliments!

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