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Wedding Dress Tips
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Black wedding dress: why not?
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Greek Maternity Wedding Dress

The expectation of a child’s birth and marriage are two important events in the life of every woman. In order not to waste time searching for wedding dresses for pregnant women in Moscow, come immediately to the wedding salon VANILLA. We have a whole line of dresses in the Greek style. Among them you will surely find what you like.

In addition, our designers will be able to choose a wedding dress for the pregnant woman in the Greek style according to your individual layout or offer your own option. Professionals, guided by popular global trends in the wedding industry, will create a unique Greek wedding dress. Also, in our salon, excellent conditions for pregnant women are created: high-quality service of a European level, caring and friendly staff.

Among the design solutions for creating a unique image, the following can be distinguished:

· Manual beadwork;

· Flying assembled style;

· Full length;

· Length under the bust to the edge: 121 cm;

· Vision of a foggy gray chiffon.

A richly decorated Greek maternity dress is a truly romantic choice for your gala evening. Lightweight, flowing chiffon made of natural fibers has a soft and breathable structure. A hidden elastic waistband on the back provides a fit before, during and after pregnancy. This style allows the use of supporting underwear, which makes it an ideal choice for owners of a full bust. A stunning option for your wedding day or any other special occasion: a maternity dress in lace designed to flatter your figure during pregnancy. Special occasions require a catchy dress! The salon also features wedding dresses with sleeves for pregnant women. Elegant silk and lace are a stunning option for pregnant women. Call +7 495 621-96-87, write to or come to our salon. We are glad to see you every day from ten in the morning to ten in the evening. Our brides are always the most beautiful and happy!

Tulle Wedding Dresses: A Recognized Classics of Lush Dress
The appearance of a wedding dress largely depends on what fabric was used when sewing it. If you want a dress with a clear silhouette and a dense texture, give preference to satin and chiffon. In turn, organza and natural silk have magical properties to shine and shimmer in several shades at the same time, which will give your image a unique lightness and ephemerality. But the royal splendor and luxurious look will give you only a multilayer tulle skirt.

The fashion for magnificent wedding dresses does not pass for decades, firmly strengthening its position. A dress with an airy skirt has become a kind of classic, which is preferred by many brides of a young age. If you come to the bridal salon and say that you want a classic-style dress, you will be immediately understood and offered a stand with tulle skirts and high corsets.

Tulle wedding dresses are appreciated by girls for their magnificent and expensive surroundings, as well as for a comfortable fit on almost any type of figure. No matter how luxurious your volumes are, such an outfit will suit you completely. And even if your height does not allow you to wear a long dress like Cinderella’s, you still have amazingly spectacular short options where the tulle skirt reaches the knees. Moscow has a huge selection of wedding dresses for every taste. And in our wedding salon you can buy the most delicate, sparkling and stunning wedding dresses.

Who should wear a wedding dress with a tulle skirt?
Fatin is a translucent weightless fabric of various levels of stiffness and density, which holds the volume of the dress when layers are applied. There is even a special direction in the design of tulle dresses, which has the most delicate, thinnest and weightless skirts compared to traditional options. In this form, the dress is represented by a combination of two or three layers of tulle with an additional lace skirt on top or with a satin – at the bottom. If you choose an extra skirt of a similar shade with the main color of the dress, but having an overflow, shine or “chameleon” effect, your dress will become a truly unique creation that will attract the admiring glances of everyone who meets you.

A wedding dress, which is based on tulle, is a win-win option for a ceremony in winter and summer. The magnificent robe of the bride looks perfect with delicate slippers and white boots, it also harmoniously comes with fur coats and lace boleros. A wedding dress with a tulle skirt is truly a traditional outfit of a universal nature.

If you want to go to the altar in something more than a simple wedding dress, then such an outfit is your choice. Especially good tulle wedding dress looks on tall and slender brides, emphasizing their grace and become.

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