Wedding suit of the groom
So, you have all decided, bought, ordered ... Have you ever wondered how your bridegroom will be dressed? Will he make you a worthy couple? Will his costume be in…

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Princess style wedding dress
Many girls dream of a fairy tale; on the wedding day, each of them has a chance to transform and feel charming, feminine and unusually attractive. This is due not…

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Open Back Wedding Dresses
On a fabulous wedding day, all goggles are riveted to the main hero of the occasion - the beautiful bride. Preparing for the wedding, any girl spends dozens of hours thinking…

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Bride: being original is easy!

The focus of any wedding is one main figure – the bride. No matter how you dress up and whatever hair style you build on your head, all eyes will be fixed only on you. But do you want more? Admiration, envious glances of girlfriends, enthusiastic akhs at an exit from a magnificent limousine! How to achieve this? Easy – with the bride’s main weapon: original wedding dresses.

In Moscow there are so many wedding boutiques that gather brides for the main ceremonial outlet of their life. But in few places you can buy truly unusual and memorable original wedding dresses, especially if you decide to have a rock-style wedding.

You don’t want to be like a magnificent cake with cream roses and resemble the twin of hundreds of other brides at the registry office? Then take up the issue of choosing a wedding dress long before the expected date of the marriage. Buying a bridesmaid dress should be the first item on the list of pre-wedding hassles.

Wedding Salon “Vanilla” offers you to realize the dream of an unreal wedding in life. Just make an appointment with us and you will be amazed on the spot with a choice of unusually stylish, amazing, designer outfits that are not, and no one else will have.

Here you will find the bride’s original dress, made of the author’s fabric, using unique embroidery techniques, stunning accessories and modern design ideas. A variety of deep shades and style decisions will turn the head of the most demanding bride!

How to choose wedding dresses for small stature?
Do you dream of looking amazing and magnificent on your wedding day? This completely natural desire is easy to understand! When you plan your holiday, do not forget about the smallest details of the wedding image.

Any bride will say that the most important step in preparing for the wedding ceremony is the right choice and purchase of a suitable outfit that will reflect the girl’s character, her preferences, emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

In this regard, brides with a non-standard figure suffer certain inconveniences. Wedding dresses have a standard size and are designed for girls of medium height. And if it is quite simple to solve the problem with completeness and thinness, choosing the size of the dress and adjusting the corset, then girls of short stature are not easy. At a minimum, you will have to spend a little more time looking for the perfect outfit, at the maximum – sew it to order.

Wedding Salon “Vanilla” takes into account the individual characteristics and wishes of each bride who visited us. Our catalog contains a large number of luxurious designer dresses for weddings, among which there are also wedding dresses for short skinny girls.

Here you will be offered services to create an unusual romantic look for a wedding, as well as a full fit of the outfit according to your figure in accordance with your height and other parameters. Here you can buy the most magical little wedding dress that you can only dream of!

Trying on short wedding dresses, if your bust and hips are small, forget about fluffy skirts, crinolines and a long train: all this will reduce your centimeters, expanding the silhouette to the sides and turning it into a kind of fluffy white ball.

The best styles of wedding dresses for petite brides
There are a great many options for the execution of the wedding dress, and the girl is no wonder lost in this abundance of luxury and beauty. We will tell you which wedding dresses for miniature brides you should consider, and which one you need to choose in order to have a breathtaking look.

To emphasize fragility and miniature physique, to focus on your touching beauty, you need to choose a wedding dress with a short stature that will fulfill all these conditions better than everyone else.

We offer the three hottest wedding dress models that you should definitely try on in our Vanilla wedding salon:

A dress with an asymmetric skirt cannot but attract the attention of guests and others to the hostess of the ball. There are a lot of ways of performing this style, one of them may have a high cut in front or side, and behind – multilayer drapery, a magnificent bow or even an additional skirt from a transparent and lighter material than the main outfit;

A wedding dress for a little bride with a short skirt and a long train is another dress option that is just perfect for petite girls. Your slender legs will look great, being open in front. And the incredible magnificent train gives along with that very festive and solemn note that girls in short dresses so lack for weddings;

Sheath dress is the choice of stylish brides who prefer restraint, elegance and sophistication in everything. Starting from the refined lines of an ivory or champagne wedding dress and ending with well-chosen accessories for him, this dress says everything: you are the most beautiful and fashionable bride!

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