Interesting facts about wedding dresses
A wedding dress is an outfit with a rich and long history: over the centuries, the dress has been improved, new traditions have appeared, legends have been added about it.…

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Recommendations of fashion designers on choosing wedding dresses for brides
Choosing the perfect wedding dress that takes into account the peculiarities of the figure, growth and all the fashion trends of the season can take a huge amount of time…

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Loved the wedding dress: what to do?
It would seem that here is the dress of your dreams, you can’t stop looking at them and literally blow off the dust from it, but a couple of weeks…

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Styles of Wedding Dresses

A wedding is an amazing event, the advent of which every bride looks forward to. In preparation for the celebration, every little thing needs to be taken into account so that nothing overshadows this joyful day. This also applies to the image of the bride, because he must become a single whole and transform the already beautiful bride. Let’s talk about the most popular styles of wedding dresses and their characteristic features.

Ball Gown Wedding Outfit
Such an outfit is the best fit for a magnificent and solemn ceremony. Models of this style imply the presence of a multilayer skirt and tight-fitting upper part (sometimes a corset).

ball gown style wedding dress

Such a dress can be complemented by various neckline cutouts, lace sleeves or thin straps, which should be complemented by long gloves. A dress of this style can be supplemented with a train, because thanks to a complex multilayer skirt, the weight of the train will not be so noticeable for the bride.

A wedding dress is made of various materials: if the bride chooses a chiffon or satin, the silhouette will appear more elegant, taffeta or organza surrounds the bride with a peculiar cloud and makes her silhouette surprisingly light and elegant. The basis of the skirt can be several layers of fabric or a lush skirt with a sturdy frame. From the point of view of practicality, it is worth giving preference to models with rings – at least, the risk of a girl getting tangled in fluffy skirts is reduced.

This dress is suitable for brides with a different type of figure: thanks to multilayer skirts, the silhouette is leveled, and the flaws are successfully hidden. If you have a magnificent breast, with the help of the neckline you can focus on it, corsets emphasize the waist, and skirts hide the excess weight in the hips. Such a dress is not the best choice for short brides: in a full skirt, miniature girls will look disproportionately small, and lace and light fabric will give them a resemblance to a balloon.

Mermaid style wedding dress
The dress in the Mermaid style is also called the “dress with the tail” or year, it hugs the girl’s body to the thigh or knee, and then the silhouette gradually expands, forming a magnificent “tail”, due to which the dress bears such a name. This is a very elegant and feminine model and perfectly accentuate your slim and graceful figure.

Mermaid style wedding dress

Almost all types of neckline necklines and sleeves are suitable for a year style, so you can close or emphasize those parts of the body that you want. If you have sloping beautiful shoulders and impeccable skin, a strapless top or a wedge-shaped neckline will be appropriate.

When choosing a wedding dress, it is worth paying attention to the style of the skirt – such an insignificant detail can change the whole image as a whole: it can expand from the hip or below the knee, be assembled at the back, like flamenco dancers, or have a rounded and voluminous shape. Also, be careful when choosing fabric – if you like hard fabrics like heavy silk, your image will be more harmonious, but the dress will fit your body, organza and satin will give the bride airiness and make the silhouette more ephemeral.

The Mermaid Tail dress can hardly be called universal, it is suitable only for girls with a slender figure, and growth does not matter much. Be prepared for the outfit to emphasize every curve of your body. To make the dress more comfortable and not limit the bride in movements, it is worth taking a closer look at dresses with a fitted skirt or draperies.

In form, this dress is very similar to the letter A, so it is considered universal and will suit girls with different types of figures. Its lines gently descend downward, forming clear lines and a soft silhouette. Such an outfit is one-piece, and the feminine curves of the bride are emphasized due to the relief seams, which can be seen both at the top and bottom of the model. This dress will be appropriate both at a magnificent ceremony, and at a modest celebration.

Wedding dress A-line

If you look closely, the dress has the shape of a trapeze, and it can be successfully supplemented with a variety of accessories, choose the desired length. Various fabrics are used for sewing A-silhouette models: to make the bride’s image seem more delicate and feminine, you should opt for light materials – taffeta, silk, organza. For lovers of structured styles, satin models are suitable. You can emphasize the elegance of the outfit using applique or embroidery, but you can add contrast with the help of bows, darker or brighter lace, beautiful ribbons.

A-line wedding dress is suitable for girls with different types of figures. With it, you can hide the lush hips, create the illusion of high growth, emphasize the sophisticated waist.

Empire style wedding outfit
Empire style has always been associated with grandeur, femininity and mystery, it is not surprising that many brides prefer such outfits.

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