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Short wedding dresses

When choosing a wedding dress, many girls are guided not only by an aesthetic issue, but also by practicality. Despite the fact that wedding fashion is very conservative and seriously lags behind everyday fashion, short wedding dresses no longer surprise anyone.

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel is considered their legislator, who shortened the outfit to her knees in the 1920s and 1930s. In the 60s, Hollywood stars also married such models – a vivid example of this is Audrey Hepburn.

Short retro style wedding dresses

Recently, in wedding shops, brides can buy many models of various lengths: from the thigh to the middle of the lower leg. At the same time, relatively short wedding dresses can be divided into three groups:

Cocktail type models (just below the knee);
Short wedding dresses just below the knee

Models of short wedding dresses below the knee

Mini-variations of short wedding dresses (the length of such a dress is above the knee);
Short wedding dresses below the knee

Short wedding dresses with a miniskirt

Short wedding dresses clearly to the patella.
Short Medium Length Wedding Dresses

Of course, not every bride will decide on such an outfit – for a traditional wedding this is probably not the best option, but if the celebration takes place in a narrow circle of relatives and friends, a short dress will be quite appropriate. In addition, such models are very convenient, especially if the ceremony will be away, and the banquet will be held in a country house or in the open.

Colored short wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses – ideal for a wedding in a narrow circle

Yes, and for a wedding abroad, this is ideal – you do not have to drag a bulky package with a lush and heavy outfit to the airport, and then take it back, because short dresses take up very little space.

Short wedding dresses: choose according to the figure
If you choose the right style, a short outfit is suitable for brides with almost all types of figures. If you have magnificent forms, but slender legs, models with a narrowed waist and a flowing skirt will suit you. Asymmetric models will also look interesting, but it is better to refuse too fluffy skirts.

Short Greek Style Wedding Dresses

Various styles of short wedding dresses
Short wedding dresses with lace

The short dress is simply created in order to emphasize the graceful and long legs – the bride can be painted in any length. This can be a sheath dress, a train outfit, puffy skirts, shirt dresses and much more. If you have a slightly angular figure, frills, shuttlecocks, embroidery will help to add volume to it in the right places.

Short wedding dresses: narrow and A-line

Patterned textured fabrics and decorative elements of contrasting colors will distract attention from possible flaws, but at the same time emphasize the beauty of the bride.

Lace Short Wedding Dresses

A short wedding dress will also decorate pregnant brides: to distract attention from the tummy, choose outfits in the Empire style. They will open your slender legs, but at the same time reliably hide the growing tummy from prying eyes.

Jewelry for dresses and accessories
A short wedding dress is good because it can be used in everyday life, and not just hang in a closet, like long, curvaceous models. At the same time, the bride in a flirty short dress looks no less attractive and elegant than the girls in dresses on the floor. Refuse frills and ruffles; romantic shuttlecocks, graceful rhinestones and delicate embroidery will be an ideal option.

Short wedding dresses with a train

Short wedding dresses with a train and accessories
photo: Short wedding dresses with a train

You can complement the short dress with shoes and handbags in bright colors. You can give preference to asymmetric models, dresses with unusual cutouts. If you need a handbag, it should be made of the same material as the dress, but in harmony in color with the shoes.

Asymmetric models of short wedding dresses

When choosing jewelry, try not to overload your image – in combination with a short dress, massive and large jewelry can look ridiculous. Better it will be a thin, but ornate pendant, an elegant bracelet and openwork earrings. A short veil, diadem or small train is also acceptable.

Accessories for short wedding dresses

Such a dress will give the image of a girl sophistication and elegance and decorate you no worse than long dresses.

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