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Open Back Wedding Dresses

On a fabulous wedding day, all goggles are riveted to the main hero of the occasion – the beautiful bride. Preparing for the wedding, any girl spends dozens of hours thinking through every detail of her image, the main component of which is the dress. Open back wedding dresses are a trend of recent and upcoming seasons: sexuality, courage and going beyond the usual are in fashion.

Models with a neckline on the back are surprisingly attractive, a little hinting at the beauty of the naked female body and fabulously beautiful. It’s just such a strength that it is so elegant to emphasize the girl’s sex appeal without moving on to extravagance and unbridledness. But how to buy a perfectly sitting model from hundreds of copies of collections of salons in Moscow? How not to make a mistake with the choice and become the real queen of the ball? In this article we will give important tips from stylists about the intricacies of choosing dresses with an open back for a wedding.

Choose a silhouette: lush, with a train, short or long dresses with an open back

In general, the recommendations for choosing a dress with a neckline at the back are the same as for all other wedding dress designs. It’s worth choosing according to the type of physique. The exception is Greek-style variations and long lace dresses with an open back – they suit almost all girls, and the bare back itself suggests itself to this silhouette.

Options with a loop – the best way to create unimaginable tenderness in the image. Such a cut will look good on girls of any height. It is not recommended to choose a tight-fitting Mermaid model for brides with large hips.

A-silhouette in this case is not the most common choice. And in vain! A flared skirt will visually reduce the waist and give the figure extra fragility.

Magnificent options are suitable for owners of miniature forms: they will make you a real princess from a fairy tale, tremulous, innocent and, at the same time, seductive.

And if you are young, slim, courageous and follow the latest trends, pay attention to short options that will also demonstrate beautiful legs.



What to combine – accessories, hairstyles and underwear

Wedding day is a unique occasion to maximize the dignity of a young woman. Almost everything is allowed to the bride, with the exception of vulgarity and lack of taste. Fortunately, models with a neckline on the back are suitable for almost all women, and the holiday dress code allows for restrained nudity.

Check out the important guidelines for wearing this outfit and choosing accessories before trying on:

  • ♥ An open back is the main focus of the image. Therefore, be careful not to overdo it with a lot of catchy accessories and jewelry. It is better to limit yourself to a thin bracelet, a small ornament on the neck and hanging earrings.
  • ♥ No straps . A bra peeking out from under the fabric of a dress can ruin the whole idea. A fixed veil is also irrelevant if you want to show your beautiful posture.
  • ♥ If the fabric from which the neckline is sewn is thin, think of small breast pads that will hide the center of the chest, otherwise in cool time or from worries, you may find yourself in an awkward situation when the nipples are clearly visible. This is completely inappropriate for a girl of extradition.
  • ♥ Hairstyle. In our case, the collected hair or individual curled locks flowing down the spine line look amazing. If you have luxurious hair that you would not want to tie into a braid, tail or to collect on the back of your head, you should certainly be praised. But the loose curls will close the back, and you will not get the desired effect.


Another important tip from the field of cosmetology! If you bought a wedding dress with an open back, do not experiment with cosmetics, scrubs and creams that you are not familiar with. Be sure to test all the means for several days, so as not to get irritation on the skin at the most inopportune moment.


Which brides should avoid dresses with a neckline on the back

As in the case of other options for a wedding dress, these models also have contraindications. It is not recommended to buy dresses with an open back in the following cases:

  • ♥ Skin imperfections (of course, if you are not afraid to discover small imperfections). And if you really, really want to bare your back, try trying on a variation with a beautiful lace on the back. It will hide imperfections, and will open sexual bends.
  • ♥ Footprints from a swimsuit . If you manage to soak up the sun on vacation, you should only envy. But most bathing suits leave light marks on the skin. Do not forget about it, going to try on. You can try self-tanning to even out your skin tone, but experiment with this in advance!
  • ♥ If you are a happy owner of a lush bust , it will be quite difficult to provide support without a bra with a back. Today there are busts without a back strap, but, as a rule, they can not cope with the size of more than a third. But do not despair: be sure to try on a variation with an elastic corset that opens the body from the neck to the shoulder blades. One more option: support on a neck and a fastener in the lower back.
  • ♥ Brides prone to stoop will find it difficult to maintain perfect posture for the whole day. And this is necessary, otherwise the first family photo shoot will definitely disappoint you.

Even if the celebration is scheduled for the summer, do not forget about the cloak or jacket. Believe me, the evening coolness can cause you to freeze very much.


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