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Straight and narrow wedding dresses

The straight cut style is a clear favorite among a huge variety of wedding dresses. A dress that emphasizes all the features of the figure can make the bride tender and touching, sexy and charming, fragile and light at the same time.

Such a model is rather capricious: due to the peculiarities of the cut, it gives out any imperfections in the figure, so it is very important that the bride be folded proportionally, but it is better for ladies with a tummy or curvaceous to pay direct and narrow wedding dress photo 2 to other dresses. As for the bride’s growth, straight and narrow wedding dresses are universal: they look harmoniously on both short girls and tall brides.

A dress with vertical pleats visually lengthens the figure, so it suits miniature girls perfectly. If the bride’s waist is not too pronounced, it can be emphasized with a contrast belt. Dresses with a long skirt are ideal for an official ceremony, short ones for a family celebration. The outfits can be a whole cut or consist of a skirt and bodice with a disguised cut line.

Fabrics for straight and narrow wedding dresses
When choosing fabric for a wedding dress, give preference to soft satin, silk – they are not too dense and softly fit the figure, emphasizing the merits. Brocade, velvet and other dense fabrics hold their shape better, but in them the bride may feel constrained. To make the dress comfortable, make high cuts or drapery on the skirt. As a decor, you can use light and weightless fabrics like organza, chiffon, lace, guipure. Often, straight dresses are decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, appliques and so on.

Straight wedding dress with sleeves
Often, he is chosen for a traditional wedding ceremony and wedding; this is a classic wedding fashion. A straight, one-piece cut, V-neck or boat, beautiful lace or translucent sleeves – these are the characteristic features of this outfit.

Closed dresses with sleeves-wings to the middle of the shoulder look good, as well as models with cutouts on the back (you can cover it with a translucent veil if you wish). Wraps or boleros to the middle of the back are also chosen as additional accessories.

Strapless Strapless Wedding Dress
A straight narrow wedding dress on the straps is cut with a pronounced bodice, the very shape of the straps can be different: narrow or wide, curly or straight. Models with asymmetrical shoulder straps and straps that start in the middle of the bodice and diverge on the shoulders or tied around the neck look interesting. Sometimes a stand-up collar and straps are combined – this variation also looks very original.

Open narrow wedding dresses
Sleeveless and strapless dresses look advantageous if the bodice shape is chosen correctly: it can be a bodice with a smell, a deep neckline, individual cups or a flat top. If it is cool, you can pick up original wraps, jackets or boleros. Naked shoulders make the bride more tender and graceful, and a correctly selected neckline focuses on the chest. Often, such a dress is equipped with a corset, so that the outfit is well kept in shape.

An interesting option will be a dress in which the top is cut separately from the skirt and connected with a contrasting fabric or belt, as well as models with asymmetric or pleated skirts.

Straight Mermaid Wedding Dress
A characteristic feature of the style of the year or the mermaid is the “tail” of the fabric. The outfit fits to the middle of the thigh or knee, and then gradually expands downward. This model looks very feminine, but focuses on the hips, which is why it suits only girls with an hourglass figure.

The original decision will be to choose a dress not of white, but, say, a cream or golden hue – such models look very rich and at the same time unbeaten. Lace patterns and smooth satin dresses with light embroidery also look good. If you like this style, read and see the article – Direct wedding dress in the style of the Mermaid.

Straight wedding dress with a train
A train has always been associated with something solemn and majestic, therefore, for a classic wedding, an outfit with a train is simply irreplaceable. The train is often made of organza and chiffon, but sometimes heavy fabrics are used to make the dress better fit. The train looks best with dresses that have open shoulders or have light straps.

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