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The most famous wedding dresses

A wedding as an event is unique in that it is unique. And each bride seeks to charm guests and the groom with an outfit that elegantly emphasizes not only her beauty and femininity, but also the holiday itself. Yes, wedding dresses can be different: long, short, lush, fitted, white and red, but there are models among them that have already become classics, an icon of a wedding style. It is precisely about these outfits that will be discussed.

It’s all about lace

Date: April 18, 1956

Hollywood diva, blonde with an angelic face, actress Grace Kelly. For more than half a century, her wedding attire has won first place in the top of the most popular wedding dresses. The authors of her outfit were 35 people who worked tirelessly for two months. The sketch of the dress belongs to the designer Helen Rose, who has repeatedly worked on the stage image of the actress.

A striking feature of the wedding dress is a voluminous ivory bell skirt. As the main material was used peau de soie – podessua – silk fabric with a matte sheen. Under a baggy skirt, another dozen thin skirts were hiding. The bodice of the wedding dress, decorated with pearls, was created from the finest lace – the creation of the Brussels craftswomen. A veil of fine silk, a prayer book, soft pink shoes, each element of the wedding attire was framed by lace. The image of the bride turned out to be very effective and sophisticated. It was Grace Kelly’s wedding dress that became the first outfit with which many designers created their equally luxurious masterpieces in the style of a “fairy princess”.

Jackie Wedding Dress

Date: 09/12/1953

The author of the wedding dress of this first lady of the USA was Ann Lowe, a famous designer of two famous families: Roosevelts and Bouvier. For sixty days, the fashion designer created a wedding outfit, which took about 50 meters of silk taffeta. As a result, the wedding dress turned out to be classic, with a narrow bodice and a fluffy skirt draped with woven ribbons and flowers. As a bride’s headdress, a flower tiara was used, as a veil – a family jewel – grandmother’s veil. The image was complemented by a pearl necklace and a diamond bracelet. In the history of wedding fashion, this outfit is included as the most photographed. However, according to Jacqueline Kennedy herself, she was unhappy with the dress, it reminded her of a lampshade.

Cinderella Story

Date: 07/29/1981

Despite the fact that the wedding of the heir to the British throne and a beautiful young girl, who later became a real people’s princess, ended with numerous scandals, divorce and tragedy, the beginning of family life was magical. And the dress of Princess Diana will forever remain in the top of the most famous wedding dresses. This wonderful creation was created by a pair of young designers Elizabeth and David Emmanuel. All three months of their fruitful work, the paparazzi tirelessly followed what was happening.

But even with every second surveillance, the world managed to see this undoubted luxury only on the wedding day: a silk meringue dress with a diamond belt and an incredible train length of almost 8 meters, with a vintage-lace decoration a century ago. Silk veil, manually embroidered with gold sequins and thousands of pearls, amazed the public. An incredible train of the dress looked impressive on the steps of the cathedral, where the wedding ceremony took place, but for further movements it had to be tightly packed for carriage rides. As a result, the dress crumpled a little, but even so, it had a fantastic effect on viewers around the world, realizing the dream of many girls about a fabulous wedding with the prince.

The wife of the king of rock and roll

Date: 05/01/1967

Few people know, but Priscilla Presley’s wedding dress was bought by her mother. The dress did not cause the girl enthusiasm and she began to cut it up and alter it diligently. The result was a long floor-length outfit with transparent sleeves decorated with beads. A crown crowned with a scattering of fake diamonds was used as a headdress. The veil of the bride was very heavy. According to Elvis, he was extremely discouraged by such a simple outfit of the bride, who, well, does not paint the future wife of an idol of millions. Priscilla rejected such statements from her husband and assured the press that, on the contrary, her husband was extremely pleased with her wedding dress. She repeatedly emphasized that her wedding dress was fully consistent with the spirit and fashion of that time and it was in it that the girl felt more romantic and feminine.

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