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Interesting facts about wedding dresses

A wedding dress is an outfit with a rich and long history: over the centuries, the dress has been improved, new traditions have appeared, legends have been added about it. A rare modern wedding does without a beautiful outfit, let’s talk about the entertaining facts and history of wedding dresses.

In ancient Greece, in the homeland of the European wedding dress, the outfit was called “peplos,” it was long, light, fastened on the shoulders with clasps, a laurel wreath was put on the bride’s head;
In ancient Egypt, a formal outfit was called “Kalazaris,” a piece of cloth that wrapped the bride’s figure from her chest to her ankles and was fastened with two straps. By the way, in Egypt the least attention was paid to the beauty of the outfit; jewelry played a special role here: diadems, belts, rings, beads, bracelets for arms and legs – they were considered a gift from the gods and had symbolic meaning;
In Byzantium, the wedding attire was as chaste as possible: graceful draperies and flowing lines were forbidden. The fabrics were heavy and hid the natural curves of the girl’s body as much as possible, since it was considered a sin to show bodily beauty. The Byzantine brides were dressed in a long tunic with sleeves, and on top of it they put on another dress, richly embroidered and trimmed with stones;
In the 15-16th century, velvet and brocade outfits entered European fashion; brides could wear deep necklines, veils, and trains. In the Renaissance, the wedding dress became tight-fitting, decorated with pearls, because they believed that this gift of the sea could strengthen family ties. The Empire style, in the form in which we know it now, appeared in the 18-19th century, such a dress was necessarily supplemented with gloves;
Wedding dresses, which are most similar to modern ballroom models, came into fashion during the reign of Napoleon. Such a white wedding dress was made to order by the French fashion designers of the emperor when Princess Muir, a relative of Bonaparte, got married;
Interestingly, in 1998, fashion designers created an edible wedding dress made of white and dark chocolate. A full-size model was presented at the New York fashion show;
The most expensive wedding dress in the world will cost 12 million dollars! It was made in 2006 and since then the buyer has not been sought out. The authors of the masterpiece were designer Rene Strauss and jeweler Martin Katz. Diamonds are sewn on the skirt and bodice, each of them weighs 15 carats. The dress was created specifically for the Bridal Show, held in California at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel;

No less than an honorable price is set for a dress with pearls – such a wedding outfit will cost $ 8.5 million. Its creator was the Japanese designer Yumi Katsura, the outfit is quite extravagant, it took 1000 pearls, white gold, diamonds to decorate it;

In China, a wedding dress was made of peacock feathers. He was estimated at $ 1.5 million, the first outfit was presented in 2009 at an exhibition in the city of Nianjin. Two months, eight people painstakingly worked to create this miracle;

People remember not only Princess Diana, but also her wedding attire, in which she married Prince Charles in 1981. It was estimated at 115 thousand dollars: it is decorated with 10,000 pearls, and also has a train, 7.5 meters long;

White dress gained popularity only in the 19th century, when Queen Victoria put it on her own wedding. Prior to this, white was considered a sign of mourning, and red was considered the color of the outfits of girls of easy virtue. In Russia, the red color was considered a symbol of prosperity and happiness, so that the girls were married in red sundresses;
Philippine brides are still not allowed to try on wedding attire before the wedding, this is considered a bad omen;
Interestingly, the longest train of a wedding dress was also sewn in China, in Jilin Province Lil Rong. The length of the loop is more than 200 meters. The guests straightened the train for three hours and pinned 9999 red roses to it, and the dress was also embroidered with 608 semiprecious stones – so many days have passed since the couple met. The outfit was sewn for 3 months; its price was 6 thousand dollars;

The most famous wedding dress that has long been considered the standard of beauty is the Grace Kelly outfit. She married Prince Rene in 1956. The designer of the outfit was Helen Rose, the veil Grace was embroidered with 1000 pearls. For over 55 years, this style has been the epitome of elegance and beauty. By the way, Kate Middleton married Prince William in a wedding dress of a similar cut;

The first wedding dress that exposed the bride’s legs was presented to the audience by Coco Chanel. She was convinced that elegant clothes should not hamper movement, and a wedding dress appeared just below the knee, such a model is relevant to this day.

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