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Wedding suit of the groom

So, you have all decided, bought, ordered … Have you ever wondered how your bridegroom will be dressed? Will he make you a worthy couple? Will his costume be in harmony with your wedding dress, which is traditionally kept secret until the cherished day? Invite him to read this article and you can be sure: next to you will be the most beautiful bridegroom in the world!

What to do with tradition?

The groom should not see the bride’s wedding dress – this is an ancient tradition and should not be violated. Since nothing is said about best men, we will entrust this difficult matter to them. Let them figure it out and, having consulted with both sides, decide what outfit of the groom best suits the bride’s wedding dress. The first thing to do is decide on the model: whether it will be a business card, frock coat, tuxedo or a classic suit (unless, of course, you are going to go to the registry office in jeans and sneakers). The second is color. And basically everything! The rest is the task of the groom and professionals who will help him choose a wedding suit.

You can sew a suit – choose a model, consult with the master if it suits you, and go home to wait for a call for a fitting. You can buy or rent a suit – it all depends on the means and time that you plan to spend on it. When choosing a wedding outfit, ask yourself what you will do with it later: put it in a chest to show your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, or sell it two weeks after the wedding. The best option is a “reusable” suit in which you can go to a gorgeous party, restaurant or wedding to a friend. So let’s see what you can choose from.


Tailcoat (French frac) – men’s formal dress, a kind of frock coat with an English collar, floor-sharpened front at the waist level and two long narrow folds at the back.

Tailcoat as a men’s wedding suit
in the photo: Tailcoat – one of the varieties of a wedding suit for the groom

Traditionally, they put it on especially solemn and official events, which are held under a strict protocol. The full dress uniform for the tailcoat consists of a white shirt with a bow collar, a bow tie or a new-fashioned plastron tie, a tight starched shirt front under an open vest.

Business card

A business card (English, morning coat) – a kind of half-coat, invented by goldfinches for morning trips. As you know, earlier visits were supposed to be done in the morning, hence the name “business card”. It is a frock coat with sides that gradually taper from the waistline downward (diverge to the sides), forming a conical neckline in front. Behind the length of the business card reaches the level of the knees.

This suit is usually worn with striped trousers, a shirt with a bow-collar under a classic vest and with a plastron tie.


Syurtuk (French. Surtout) – a wide men’s outer dress. The classic version is the upper double-breasted clothes in the waist with long floors. Now it is very relevant, and single-breasted. Fashion trends for a frock coat are a flat bar, a high fastener, an English collar, four buttons, sharp ends of the floor, up to the middle of the thigh. A jacket with a turn-down collar and a four-in-hand tie is suitable for the frock coat.

The tuxedo

Tuxedo (eng, smoking-jacket) is a club jacket. Previously intended for informal meetings in the club with business partners or friendly conversations. It was in tuxedos that English gentlemen were conveniently located at home in front of the fireplace, sipping their brandy and smoking a Cuban cigar. The traditional tuxedo is a black jacket that is very open on the chest with long lapels lined with black silk. It can be either single-breasted or double-breasted, with an English collar or a shawl collar, on two, four or six buttons. An analogue of a tuxedo in American is called “evening jacket” (dinner jacket \ suit) and can be white or ivory. A classic black tuxedo is usually worn with black trousers, the obligatory attribute of which are stripes from the same silk as the tuxedo lapels are trimmed with.

Under a tuxedo, they put on a shirt with a bow-collar, a bow tie, a scarf for a chest pocket and a traditional sash are required (with a white tuxedo – white, with black –


French (English, french) – the English word for a military-style jacket in the waist with four outer patch pockets and a strap on the back.


Jacket with extra long floors. In recent years, long cloth coats from the same fabric as trousers that replace a jacket have been popular.

Classic suit

“Three” – a jacket, vest and trousers – are always in fashion. Fitted jackets, single-breasted, on four buttons, with an English collar and a high neckline (such that only a tie knot is practically visible) are especially relevant today.

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