What wedding dresses are made of
Every girl dreams of organizing her wedding perfectly. To create a triumph of dreams, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. One of the main elements of…

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Maternity Wedding Dresses
Every girl who goes down the aisle makes sure that her image is perfect. A particularly difficult task is to choose a wedding dress for the bride in position, because…

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Princess style wedding dress
Many girls dream of a fairy tale; on the wedding day, each of them has a chance to transform and feel charming, feminine and unusually attractive. This is due not…

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Wedding Dress Tips

A wedding is the most important day in the life of lovers, on which a completely new stage in their relationship begins. In the center of the celebration there is always a bride – charming, irresistible, unique. Her outfit always stands out from the guests present at the festival. The dress can be of any style, color. It is important that the outfit is to face the bride. Fortunately, modern wedding fashion offers various options. Each, even the most demanding bride will be able to find a suitable outfit.

How to choose the style of a wedding dress

However, looking at the catalog of wedding dresses, many girls are amazed at the abundance of offers. Designers tried to develop various models that differ in silhouette, type of fabric and color scheme.

about a lot of the choice of silhouette depends on the preferences of the bride, as well as the style of the wedding.

There are seven main silhouettes (styles) of wedding dresses:
A-line outfits. This dress is trapezoidal and expands gradually (from the waist to the bottom). Choosing an A-silhouette Continue reading

Wedding dresses with a train

Refined luxury, which is impossible to resist: a dress with a train makes an indelible impression and gives the bride’s image elegance, femininity and royal sophistication. A wedding dress with a train is an ideal option for special occasions; a train as an attribute of a wedding dress came into fashion back in the 19th century. After Queen Victoria was the first in Europe to go down the aisle in a white dress, complemented by a luxurious train, the girls began to dream of similar wedding dresses. In England, even there is a belief: the longer the train on the bride’s dress, the more happiness the union will bring.

Another famous representative of the British royal family, Diana Spencer, better known as Princess Diana, also chose a train with a train. The dress was embroidered with pearls and antique handmade lace, and the length of the train was 7.5 meters. By the way, Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, also chose an elegant outfit with a train for her marriage, so we can safely say that such models are held in high esteem even by monarchs.

Wedding dresses with a train: pros and cons
A train is the elongated back of the skirt, which is deliberately made so long that the dress seems to flow on the floor. The length of the train can be different: some designers contrived not only to create an original dress, but also to get into the Guinness Book of Continue reading

Puffy Wedding Dresses

For many girls, a wedding dress is invariably associated with magnificent floor models, richly decorated with lace or embroidery. Such an outfit is able to transform any bride, making her a real princess. However, now such a dress is not appropriate at every ceremony, because, say, if your wedding takes place on the seashore or outside the city, it will not be very convenient for you to walk around, getting confused in long skirts.

A wedding dress of this style has a characteristic cut: a fitted bodice or corset, which goes into a fluffy skirt to the floor. Materials can be different: chiffon, tulle, taffeta, lace, satin, organza, guipure. It will only depend on you and your taste whether the outfit will be lush and airy or smooth and strict. Continue reading

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